Scientific publications

Publication of scientific articles is an excellent route for bringing attention to research and what it represents for society. It is undoubtedly good practice in academic, scientific and professional environments, as discoveries made public contribute to fuelling knowledge and innovation; it puts projects and conclusions under scrutiny by peers for validation. The entire process is professionally enriching, as it contributes to developing one’s critical views, not to mention their prestige, appreciation and recognition by the community as well as the job market.


In the technical-scientific context, paper publication encourages sharing of new knowledge and ideas, strengthens science, technology and innovation; and generates new goods and services that may  contribute to raising quality of life.


Everyone benefits from publications and that is why São Leopoldo Mandic encourages creative practice of research in its courses, making it an important element of the professional training strategy.


Please, find out more about scientific articles published by the researchers, lecturers and students of São Leopoldo Mandic.