Considered one of the main interaction agents among the activities for education and research purposes for undergraduate and graduate studies offered by São Leopoldo Mandic College, Dr. Cid Santos Gesteira Library – Campinas (SP) Unit grants access to periodicals, monographs, books and journals in the healthcare area, thus ensuring thorough research with accurate and updated data.


ISO 9001-certified, the Library physical collection comprises approximately 25 thousand up-to-date books in the areas of Medicine and Dentistry, besides reference materials, monographs and other content. As for the digital format, there are 350 national and international titles available encompassing nine thousand units. SLMANDIC students also have available through the Capes Portal millions of scientific articles and access to relevant databases for scientific research.


Library users can also count on the access to the internet, bibliographic research, commutation (COMUT, BIREME) and standardization.


São Leopoldo Mandic Dr. Cid Santos Gesteira Library, existing over a decade, has been updating its collection and services over the time, modernizing and making its physical space suitable, expanding and training its staff continuously in order to improve its services.


Thanks to this constant concern with the excellence of its collection and services, the library was granted the certification of the Library Management system in 2006, and was also accepted by the Health Care Virtual – Dentistry in 2012 as a cooperating member in accordance with the parameters set by BIREME, collaborating with the development of professionals in the dental area, helping those who are connected to academic activities and those who are interested in continuing education for personal enhancement.

This way, the library is an extremely important space for the College mission statement which is to be on the cutting edge of educational trends, to ensure high-quality education and research and to contribute to the social improvement of the country.


The library is open from Monday through Friday, from 7:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., and on Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. to noon. Weekend schedule is based on rotational shiftwork.


Learn how to use São Leopoldo Mandic Dr. Cid Santos Gesteira Library, as well as the available services and databases.


To contact the library, please call (19) 3211-3652 or (10) 3211-3612, or send a message to