Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure

Chairperson of the Supporting Entity and General Director

José Luiz Cintra Junqueira
Ph.D. in Dental Science | UNESP


Graduated from PUC – Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas Dental School (1975), and Ph.D. in Dental Science from Júlio de Mesquita Filho UNESP, São Paulo State University (2007). Current General Director, Head of the Higher Board and Professor of São Leopoldo Mandic SLMANDIC College, and professor of the Dental Science Program. José Luiz is one of the founders of Campinas Metrocamp Colleges and he held the position of Director until 2008. Between 2002 and 2006 he was Unigranrio Development Pro-Rector. Besides the education field, he also develops activities as the president of the Dental Radio Diagnosis Institute, a company geared to imaging diagnosis in the dental, medical areas and paramedic activities.

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Academic Executive Director

Ana Maria de Mattos Rettl
Master of Science in Industrial Chemistry Engineering | UFRGS


Graduated in Industrial Chemistry Engineering (1972), and Master of Science in Industrial Engineering (1981) from the Federal University of Rio Grande. She specialized in Food Engineering at INRA/France (1999) and University Management at OUI/Canada (1999). Her professional background includes different positions held in companies of the chemical industry, in institutions of Higher Education, Technology Centers and Associations, and was also a member of commissions of ABENGE Brazilian Society for Engineering Education, SESU- Higher Education Secretariat, INEP – National Institute for Educational Studies and Research Anísio Teixeira. She has been an assessor for the institution and for the engineering course of BASIS/INEP/MEC (National System) as well as the ARCU-SUL System for Engineering courses (International System). Ana holds Patents and Prototypes duly registered at INPI resulting from her research in engineering. She has also written publications and studies, especially on Membrane Separation, Education in Engineering and Assessment in different national and international newspapers, and chapters of the books “Trajetória e Estado da Arte da Formação em Engenharia” (Development and State of the Art in Engineering), “Arquitetura e Agronomia” (Architecture and Agronomy), “Engenharia e Movimento e Engenharia sem Fronteiras” (Engineering and Movement and Engineering without Borders). At present, she is dedicated to the management of higher education and studies on institutional and course assessment. She is the academic director of São Leopoldo Mandic College.

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Administrative Executive Director, Clinic Director and Director Of Human Resources

Jussara Moreira Passos Cintra Junqueira
Master of Science in Orthodontics | SLMANDIC


Graduated from University of Campinas, UNICAMP Dental School (1987), specialized in Pediatric Dentistry (1999) and Radiology (1999) at Campinas Dental Surgeons Association, Master of Science in Orthodontics from São Leopoldo Mandic, SLMANDIC Dental Research Center(2004). Current director of São Leopoldo Mandic Clinics and Human Resources, director of Integrated Metropolitan College of Campinas and vice-president of São Leopoldo Mandic Education and Healthcare Society for the Dental Research Center. Jussara has experience in the dental area with focus on Orthodontics acting mainly in the topics: Orthodontics and Radiology.

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Financial Executive Director

Susana Moreira Passos
Especialização em negócios na Era Digital | FGV


Graduada em Análise de Sistemas pela Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Campinas (1988) e pós-graduada em Negócios na Era Digital pela Fundação Getúlio Vargas – SP (2000). Atualmente é diretora financeira da Faculdade São Leopoldo Mandic.


Director of Postgradute Studies, Research and Extension

Marcelo Henrique Napimoga
Ph.D. in Immunology | UNICAMP


Graduated from Dental School (2002), Master of Science in Cariology from University of Campinas UNICAMP (2004). Ph.D. in Microbiology and Immunology from Forsyth Institute- Harvard Medical School (Boston) and from UNICAMP (2005) and post-doctoral degree in Immunopharmacology from University of São Paulo, FMRP (2006). Since 2011, he has been a productivity scholarship holder in Research Level 2 of CNPq. Current director of post-graduate studies, research and extension at São Leopoldo Mandic College, SLMANDIC, and coordinator of the Professional Master’s Program for Dentistry and Dental Sciences. He is also an assessor of undergraduate dental courses from MEC, associate editor of scientific magazine PPAR Research and provides technical consulting services for French National Research (ANR) and for the United States-Israel Binational Science Foundation (BSF), as well as for FAPESP, CAPES and CNPq. Marcelo was elected a member of SBPq Advisory Board (2013-2015) and reelected for a new term from 2015 to 2017. In 2005, he was the winner of the scientific prize E. H. Hatton awarded by the Brazilian division of (SBPqO) the International Association for Dental Research (IADR). Marcelo has experience in the Immunology area, with emphasis on immunopharmacology, especially acting in the themes: Immunomodulation of inflammatory diseases, Oral and General Biopathology, periodontal Immunomodulation and biological Mechanisms of 15d-PGJ2.

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Director of Undergraduate Studies

Prof. Dr. Ney Soares de Araújo
Ph.D. in Buccal Pathology | USP


Graduated from Universidade de São Paulo, USP Dental School (1957), Master of Science in Dentistry from Indiana University, IU Bloomington (1969), in the United States, Ph.D. in Buccal Pathology (1972) and associate professor (1974) at USP. He is currently a professor at São Leopoldo Mandic College, SLMANDIC, where he teaches the subject Fundamentals of Medicine for Dental Medicine at the Dental School. Ney is also a coordinator of FAPESP Health Care Area, scientific editor of RGO – Revista Gaúcha de Odontologia and an A1researcher at CNPq. He has been given the title of Emeritus Professor by USP Dental School and has experience in Dentistry/Medicine, with emphasis on Buccal Pathology, acting mainly in the following themes: buccal pathology, immunohistochemistry, exfoliative cytology, AIDS and cell culture.

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Director of Information and Communication

Tatiana Sabadini Rezende
Specialist in Communication Strategic Management | METROCAMP


Graduated in Journalism from the Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas, PUC-Campinas (2000), specialized in Public Communication and Social Responsibility (2005) and in Communication Strategic Management (2007) at Metropolitan College of Campinas, METROCAMP. Current Ombudsperson and director of Communication at São Leopoldo Mandic College. Tatiana has experience in the Communication area with emphasis on Journalism and Editing.

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Director of Infrasctructure

Gustavo Meneguine Daltoé
Bachelor of Information Technology Management | Unisul


Graduated in Information Technology Management from Unisul (2010). At present, he is the director of infrastructure at São Leopoldo Mandic College.

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Director of Systems and Information Technology

Monica Maria Orsolini
Master of Science in Information Technology Management | PUC-CAMPINAS


Graduated in Information Technology (1985) and Master of Information System Management, Artificial Intelligence (1999) from the Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas. Holder of PMP certification (Project Management Professional), ITIL Foundation and ITlL Service Strategy. Current director of Information Technology at São Leopoldo Mandic College.

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