Institutional Assessment

Institutional Assessment

São Leopoldo Mandic College takes pride in keeping the highest scores in all external assessments such as ENADE – National Exam of Student Performance,  IGC –, General Course Index, CPC – Preliminary Course Concept, CI – Institutional Reaccreditation and CC – Renewal and Accreditation of its undergraduate programs. Therefore, it ranks among the best higher-education institutions in the country.

In order to keep this performance and seek the constant development of excellence in education and ensure an efficient management, São Leopoldo Mandic conducts the Institutional Assessment every year, which guarantees the continuity of its culture for permanent innovation, effective management, promotion of dialogue with all sectors of the society affected by the College and the constant development of a learning environment based on excellence and continuous training.


This self-assessment process has been conducted for more than ten years, always suited to the National System of Higher Education Assessment – SINAES from INEP, and improved over the years encompassing all targets SLMANDIC relates to, namely, enrolled students, alumni, faculty, staff and the external community, including partner institutions and users of services provided by the College.


Such self-assessment is managed with transparency by the Internal Assessment Commission – CPA, in charge of gathering data and opinions through a pre-established methodology, and also responsible for publishing reports with the results that provide the acknowledgement of its virtues and  clarification of development points. The same documents also include the Improvement Plans that recommend actions and strategies to be carried out in the short, mid and long term.


In addition, the self-assessment process is also an important moment to render accounts to the academic community and the society as a whole.


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