The São Leopoldo Mandic Institute has been investing for over a decade in training conscientious dental surgeons for excellence in the job market and the society, whether in the public or private sectors.


The undergraduate course in Dentistry at São Leopoldo Mandic anticipates trends as a fundamental method for course and teaching development, which ultimately capacitates dental professionals by familiarizing them with the most diverse technologies and approaches to act as citizens aware of their social responsibilities. Evidence of this mission can be found in the many preventive and operative programs that combine theory and practical activities developed within the College and elsewhere through partnerships with city halls, state schools and charities in the surrounding community.


The dental course offers laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and clinics with individual equipment that guarantee once again practical experience as an essential part of dental training from the first year as a student. Academic experience is also widely encouraged and counts on the support of PhD-trained lecturers as well as the Science Initiation Program itself, which, via agreements with national and international institutions, allows the development of projects and sharing of knowledge.


Thus, in line with the national curriculum guidelines, recognized by the MEC and a pedagogical proposal based on continuous investments in training, the undergraduate course in Dentistry at the São Leopoldo Mandic School is one of the most innovative and complete in the area of Dentistry in Brazil.

Why study Dentistry at São Leopoldo Mandic:

Clinical experience from the first semester of the course as well as contact with the Primary Care Service Units since the first year.
Lecturers with a PhD and relevant scientific production in both national and international journals.
Diagnostic Imaging Center with digital systems and tomography.
Clinic with individual dental chairs and tutors.
English and Portuguese classes that prepare students for exams and International Conferences.
Science Initiation Program (PIC) with a selection process for scholarships, as well as participation in events (SBPqO).
Dental Simulation Laboratory.
Lessons on Fundamentals of Clinical Medicine for Dentistry.
Lessons on Implant Dentistry.
Digital Dentistry for Diagnosis and Integrated Treatment Planning.
Demonstrative classes in Virtual Treatment Planning.
Use of reciprocating systems and microscopes for endodontic treatment.